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This is little book but very contentious in terms of information. Men miss a good button and press a wrong. I mean, there times men think to be mr right when there is a problem and yet men are the ring leaders mostly in some noise happens in a home.

Have this copy in your hand you will enjoy it.

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Your bodies are for God

1 Cor 6:15- 20

All men have been bought with this infinite price.
By pouring the whole treasury of heaven into this world, by giving us in Christ all heaven, God has purchased the will, the affections, the mind, the soul, of every human being. Whether believers or unbelievers, all men are the Lord’s property.
All are called to do service for Him, and for the manner in which they have met this claim, all will be required to render an account at the great judgment day.

Are you to His side or not?
Jesus Christ today is saying “Come to me the way you are, I died for you and I am ready to forgive you all your iniquities, sins, transgressions, faults, shortcomings.” Will you answer yes or no to his calling?